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Eligibility for Yellow Bus Service

  • To be eligible for yellow bus service, your child must be between grades K-6 and must live within the green shaded area.  The bus fee is be $33/month, or a one time payment of $260 for the school year  (as per 2019/2020 fees schedule, this is subject to change).  There is no charge for Kindergarten bus service.
  • Junior High students who live within the green shaded area and students living in the orange shaded area may be eligible for conditional ridership which has a charge of $60/month (as per 2018/2019 fees schedule, this is subject to change). 
  • Yellow bus service is not available for students living in the blue shaded area.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please note that transportation applications are not processed by Svend Hansen School staff.  These are processed by the Student Transportation department and they can be reached at 780-429-8585.

ETS Bus Service

The route 95 runs through Laurel.  You can find the up to date schedule on the ETS website.  Bus passes are available in the office for $60 for junior high students and $33 for elementary students.


Visit Edmonton Transit System (ETS) for information about ETS routes to Svend Hansen School.

Students who use ETS transportation to travel to Svend Hansen may purchase a monthly bus pass at the school office at the beginning of each month.