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    As of July 1, 2024, there will be additional overflow designated schools for the Svend Hansen School attendance area.

    The overflow designated schools will be divided into Laurel East and Laurel West. See how the neighbourhood is divided on this map.


    Elementary overflow designated school

    Junior high overflow designated school

    Laurel East


    Kate Chegwin

    Laurel West

    Daly Grove

    T. D. Baker

    For more information or questions please visit this link or contact the school office.

    REGISTRATION Update 2024-2025

    For the 2024 - 2025 school year, Svend Hansen School is full in planned classes from Kindergarten to Grade 7 in the regular program. For Grades 8 and 9, we remain open to resident attendance area students onlyResident students in Kindergarten to Grade 7 whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have newly moved into the school’s attendance areas for the regular program will now have access to the overflow designated schools only - Weinlos School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and Kate Chegwin School(Grade 7). 

    A resident student of Edmonton Public Schools has at least one parent or legal guardian living in Edmonton who is not Roman Catholic. Non-resident students can enrol in another Division school with space in planned classes.

    If you are registering for Kindergarten or are new to Edmonton Public Schools, you must register online.

    REGISTRATION 2023-2024

    For the 2023 - 2024 school year, Svend Hansen School is full in planned classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9 in the regular program. If you are a new resident attendance area student in Kindergarten to Grade 9, please contact the school to learn about your options.


    To help address enrolment growth and space shortages, Svend Hansen School has a lottery process for new students enrolling for the 2024–25 school year. The lottery only impacts new resident students living in the designated attendance area who wish to enrol in a grade that does not have space in planned classes. Students who are currently enrolled at Svend Hansen or who wish to enrol in a grade with space in planned classes, are not impacted. 


    Svend Hansen will help resident families who were not selected in the lottery process to register at their overflow designated school, Weinlos School for Kindergarten to grade 6 and Kate Chegwin School for grades 7 to 9. If families choose to go to another Edmonton Public school, they will need to call or email their preferred school to see if there is space in planned classes.

    Siblings will also be able to attend the overflow designated school, but if families choose to go to another Division school with space in planned classes, siblings are not guaranteed to attend. 


    New resident students who newly move into a Level 3 school’s attendance area for the 2024–25 school year after pre-enrolment closes on March 22 can be added to the bottom of the callback list. Students can attend their overflow designated school, another Edmonton Public school with space in planned classes, or remain at their current school, if applicable.


    Yellow bus service to Weinlos will be available for eligible students. Bus fees will apply.

    Students who require yellow bus service must apply before June 1, 2024. Important information and application forms can be found on the Applying for Yellow Bus Service page on epsb.ca.  

    Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the preferred transportation method for junior high and high school students; however, if ETS is not available, eligible students attending their overflow designated school may be able to apply for yellow bus service. 


    More information about the lottery process is available on epsb.ca. If you have any other questions, please contact our school office at 587-489-4724.

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  • Transportation


    Calling all new bus riders! 

    All K–6 students taking the bus for the first time are invited to the Edmonton Expo Centre on Thursday, August 22 for the 16th annual First Riders event. This free event is a unique hands-on opportunity for you and your child to get familiar with riding the bus before the school year begins.

    Grade 7 students new to Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) and families wanting a refresher are welcome too.

    Afternoon sessions run every half hour, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Evening sessions run every half hour, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    Please register by August 19 to save your spot. 

    Families wishing to register for new yellow bus service can do so by filling in the online form.

    Eligibility for Yellow Bus Service

    • To be eligible for yellow bus service, your child must be between grades K-6 and must live within the green shaded area.  The bus fee is be $30/month (as per 2024/2025 fees schedule, this is subject to change). 
    • Junior High students who live within the green shaded area and students living in the orange shaded area may be eligible for conditional ridership which has a charge of $30/month (as per 2024-2025 fees schedule, this is subject to change). 
    • Yellow bus service is not available for students living in the blue shaded area.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Please note that transportation applications are not processed by Svend Hansen School staff.  These are processed by the Student Transportation department and they can be reached at 780-429-8585.

    ETS Bus Service

    You can find the up to date schedule ETS Schedule on the ETS website.  Bus passes are available in the office for $55 (as per 2024/2025 fees schedule, this is subject to change).



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Principal's Message

Welcome Svend Hansen School families and supporters,

Where did the summer go! I trust you have all had some quality family and friend time to connect through important and meaningful trips and events. Summer always goes by fast and my wish for all of us is that we have had time for quality time together with our loved ones. My summer was wonderful and the weather cooperated nicely to spend many hours outside.  

The 2023-24 school year will see the Svend Hansen School Plan  become the foundation of our work in the school community.  The plan was co-created throughout the 2022-23 school year and aligns with the Vision Mission Values Division Priorities of Edmonton Public Schools. Parents and families are partners in education as we work together to ensure our children receive the best possible public education experience. I am communicating this important information with you as our children begin the school year. 

Please take the time to read the information and contact the school if you need any clarity (587-489-4724). Please make sure you read and access all the information being posted on Schoolzone and check back frequently. Our team will be working hard to share important information daily.   

Looking forward to the school year ahead as we together support your children.

~ Christina Jones, BPE, BEd, MEd

Principal, Svend Hansen School